Farhad Alavi on BBC Persian regarding Apple Debacle

Farhad Alavi was on BBC Persian (and quoted in the English language BBC website – click here) regarding the recent controversy over the apparent denial of a sale by an Apple store employee in Georgia to an Iranian-American student . Click here to watch the video.  A rough translation of Farhad Alavi’s quote:

“With regards to goods like this which have dual-use, meaning goods that have military and civilian use, naturally, the U.S. government has placed a series of very strict legal conditions on the sale and dealing of these goods to sanctioned destinations or sanctioned entities; consequently, these companies have very serious legal obligations, and to what extent they want to implement/satisfy these obligations, or to what extent they want to question the purchaser or the party who comes on behalf of the purchaser, well, that’s dependent on the company itself and the risk that it wants to assume.”


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