Japan Imposes Sanctions on Iran

The Japanese government has imposed its own sanctions on Iran following UN Security Council Resolution 1929.  Japan’s actions include a bar on new energy business with Iran, as well as the sanctioning of 15 banks and an asset freeze on 88 entities.

Banks singled out include:

  • Banco Internacional De Desarrollo CA
  • Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI)
  • Banque Sina
  • Post Bank of Iran

As mentioned above, 88 entities are now subject to an asset freeze.  Some of these are government entities directly tied to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), such as the IRGC’s air force.  Other entities  include:

  • Etemad Amin Invest Company Mobin
  • First Persian Equity Fund
  • Hanseatic Trade Trust & Shipping (HTTS) GmbH
  • Iran Insurance Company
  • Irinvestship Limited
  • Isfahan Optics
  • Mehr Cayman Limited

Click here to read the full post on the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s website.

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